Sam Keogh Building Services Ltd
Project description

Sam Keogh Building Services Ltd had an existing website. After discussing website needs with Sam, it was apparent a considerable saving could be made each year in hosting and maintenance costs if Sam moved to AMT Web Services.

All existing text and images were backed up and a brand new website was developed in a testing environment, dropping in the text and images recovered from the original site.

Once Sam was happy with the look and functionality of the new site, emails were backed up and the domain transfer was arranged. By creating the new website in advance on the server at AMT Web Services, there was no downtime in the transfer process.

The new website features a portfolio page and contact form, imperative to showing new clients the high quality of workmanship Sam offers and making it easy to get in touch.

Project details

Client: Sam Keogh Building Services Ltd


Category: Lead-Generation, Portfolio

Created: September 2023

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