Featured Site November 2023 – Jean Hawke

Featured Site November 2023 – Jean Hawke

Jean Hawke is a local artist based in Aylsham. Jean had an existing website which needed software updating, security measures applying and new content adding. Jean was looking for someone local to host the website and to offer support.

By meeting and chatting with Jean, it became apparent that the website would benefit from e-commerce functionality to automate sales and to structure her portfolio.

The original website was cloned to the server at AMT Web Services to ensure no content was lost during the transfer process. The domain name was transferred with all updates and security measures applied to minimise any chance of security breaches.

With the original website transferred and fixes, updates and additional content applied, the new e-commerce website was developed separately in a testing environment. The shop features a vast portfolio from Jean, offering variable choices of each of the works – the original, watercolour prints, prints on canvas and greeting cards.

Once all new content was added, the shop completed and the site tested, it was transferred back to the domain name with no downtime at all.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jean to build the website and has been very interesting learning more about her and where the paintings originate.

I wish Jean all the success selling through the new online shop and encourage you to visit https://jeanhawke.com and have a look. Jean has a Christmas Cards section too!!!