The Secret to Success

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There is no single rule to follow to be successful, however, there are some rules you should always consider defined by “The 7 P’s” of Marketing.


The product can be intangible or tangible as it can be in the form of services or goods.


You should understand who your target market is make sure you are easily accessible to them.


I feel this is point most important.Without people there is no business. Consider yourself, employees and customers.


Consistent branding across all lines of communication and throughout your whole business is key to make you stand out from the crowd.


Ensure that your price is reasonable for what you are offering and your customers will be happy to pay for what they get.


This should not solely be about advertising but also considering public relations alongside sales organisation and promotion.


Processes must be fit for purpose. Any process must be reviewed regularly and tweaked to cater for demand.

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